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Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones

Who was Ezekiel?

The book of Ezekiel is one of the books of the Old Testament known as the Prophets.

the book of ezekiel

Ezekiel, (“God will strengthen”), was a prophet living with the Jewish exiles in Babylon after the taking of Judah and Jerusalem by Babylon, around 580-600 B.C. Ezekiel has visions of God appearing like a man, glowing and dazzling with fire and also of angelic beings with four faces, wings, hands, and wheels that contained all-seeing eyes (See Book of Ezekiel 1,8,10).

the first vision of ezekiel

The first part of the book of Ezekiel consists of reproaches for Israel’s past and present sins and the confident prediction of yet a further devastation of the land of promise and a more general exile. After the first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. l Ezekiel’s prophecies changed and he became the prophet of salvation and comfort.

The vision of the dry bones

One of the most famous prophecies of Ezekiel is the vision of the dry bones.

In this vision God’s wind is leading Ezekiel to a vally which contains lots of dry bones.

the valley with the dry bones

Then God asked Ezeikel if the bones can live and Ezeikel replied that only God can answer this question.Ezekiel was given power by God to say that the dry bones would live again. And as Ezekiel watched, the bones came together with muscles and skin. Then breath came into them, and they stood up as living people.God commanded Ezekiel to tell the people of Israel that they were like the dry bones dead and dried up and their strength and energy were gone.                                  

However , the dry bones vision is a prediction and a promise from God that he would deliver Israel out of captivity and return them to their home.

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