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Demons In Jewish Mythology- Samael

According to Jewish scriptures, Samael is the angel of death or the Prince of Darkness, who rules the seven heavens.


His name is etymologized as Sama-El meaning “the venom of God”.

In the Talmud 

The Talmud states that Satan (see Satan’s blog) and Samael the Angel of Death, are the same, and Samael is also there made equivalent to the Biblical serpent of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

samael= serpent?

He is also termed the chief of the Dragons of Evil, and is popularly made responsible for the hot scorching wind of the desert — the simoom. In conjunction with Lilith, who was one of his wives (see Lilith’s blog), he is represented as the Evil Beast.

In the Kabbala 

In The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, which is one of the Apocrypha , Samael is represented as a prince of the demons and a magician. As the prince of the demons, Samael is regarded as a magic being, and must be considered in the preparation of amulets. Eve is supposed to have become pregnant by him and the Kabalists add many details to this. According to Zoharistic Kabala, Samael was also mated with Eisheth Zenunium, Naamah, and Agrat bat Mahlat – all angels of prostitution.

In the Zohar ,Samael is said to be related with the planet Mars. Samael says:

“...כל השליטה שלי מבוססת על הרג. ואם אני אקבל את התורה,כוכב מאדים לא יתקיים יותר. התפקיד שלי נמצא בכוכב מאדים אשר מרמז על שפיכת דמים “

 “…my entire domination is based on killing. And if I accept the Torah, there will no longer be wars. My rule is over the planet Maadim (Mars) that indicates spilling of blood.”


Main phrases of the post + transcription + translation













Snake, serpent







מַלְאַךְ הַמָּוֶת 

Mal’ak  hammāwet

Angel of death




2 Responses to Demons In Jewish Mythology- Samael

  1. Lion-Serpent says:

    There are several other aspects of SAMAEL worth mentioning:

    As the Archangel or Seraphim of Mars (Maadim מאדים), a jewish tradition claims that in the end of days Samael would be redeemed, and even his name would change. SAMAEL (whose name סמאל contains the letter Mem מ, the initial letter of the word “Death” מות in hebrew) would become SAEL סאל.

    Now, in jewish Gematria, SAEL sums 60+1+30 = 91, which is the value of KAMAEL (the Angel of Mars), AMEN (“So be it”: that is, God’s Will) and finally, YHWH Adonai (“Lord God”).

    Besides, SAEL or סאל is part of the name of one the 72 Genii of Qabalah, Sealiah or Saeliah (סאליה) which rules the first half of the second Decan of Scorpio (10°-14° SCO, or November 3-7) and is ideally represented by Gevurah, the sphere of Judgement or Severity in the qabalistic Tree of Life. Its Tarot Cards are, among the Major Arcana, IV (The Emperor), XIII (Death) and XVI (The Tower) and, among the Minor Arcana, the Five of Cups.

    The correspondence between Samael and Maadim (Mars) also relates it to the signs of Aries and Scorpio, both ruled by Mars in Traditional Astrology. Aries corresponds the head, while Scorpio corresponds to the sexual organs. This leads me to believe that another meaning of Samael may be the KUNDALINI, the Fiery Serpent that represents the Divine Logos in Man, which lies dormant at the base of the spine (between the anus and the genitalia, the region of Scorpio) and awakes in order to reach the Crown Chakra, in the top of the head (the region of Aries).

    It surely can’t be a coincidence that Samael is considered to be a Seraphim (fiery serpent) and corresponds to Mars and the color Red. Red is the color of the Root Chakra, where the Kundalini serpent lies dormant…

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Geno says:

    Yeah bro you are right in some beliefs he said to be riding the serpent in the garden of Eden

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