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Why Moses was a stutterer?

Even the father of the prophets couldn’t be perfect. Though he took the people of Israel from Egypt to the promise land, He didn’t enter to it because e made a small mistake in the desert. But today we are going to speak about the beginning of Moses’ life, the day that he became a stutterer- this is a story that w can’t find in The Scriptures- this could be a legend.

In Ex. 4:10 is written:

""וַיֹּאמֶר משֶׁה אֶל ה’: בִּי אֲדֹנָי, לֹא אִישׁ דְּבָרִים אָנֹכִי גַּם מִתְּמוֹל גַּם מִשִּׁלְשֹׁם, גַּם מֵאָז דַּבֶּרְךָ אֶל עַבְדֶּךָ, כִּי כְבַד פֶּה וּכְבַד לָשׁוֹן אָנֹכִי"

"And Moses said unto the LORD: ‘Oh Lord, I am not a man of words, neither heretofore, nor since Thou hast spoken unto Thy servant; for I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue."’

What happened to Moses hat he couldn’t speak? Was the mission was too hard for him?

So the story tells us this: one day when the king and the queen of Egypt were sitting in the garden with their daughter bitya, who held Moses in her arms, saw him taking the crown of the king and he put him on his head. He was frightened and one of the invited guest suggested that they will kill Moses.


But the king decided to make a trial and one of the judges was an angel with a costume and he said:

Bring two bowls, in the first put stone of onyx and in the second coals. If Moses will touch the coals, that mean that he has no brain and if touch the onyx, he has brain, so you will kill him. Moses chose the one with the onyx, but the angel took his hands and put them on the coals, one of the coals was taken by Moses and he put her in his mouth – this is how a became a stutterer!

the wromg option for Moses

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כְּבַד לָשׁוֹן [פֶּה]

Kevad lāšôn (pê)










Invited guests





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